Code Line Clearing Overview

Cheque services

The Cheque service in Namclear facilitates the clearing of cheques between banks in Namibia. The Cheque service receives and validates the code line data from the remitting banks, and collates the information for the respective receiving banks.

CPS system

The CPS system in Namclear is responsible for the vetting and validation of the code line data as well as the CDV validation. All transactions which are successfully vetted, are forwarded to the Namclear Clearing and Settlement System.

Cheque Settlement

Successfully processed and vetted files from the CPS system, will be delivered to the NAMCLEAR Clearing and Settlement System via the Clearing House Gateway (CHG). The opposite process applies to the Cheque output file from the Clearing Engine. The CHG will convert the ISO20022 Cheque information back into the format required by the participating bank and deliver the output file to the respective banks.

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