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Why and how was Namclear established?

 As an independent and sovereign state, Namibia had to start managing and controlling its own domestic exposure and risks within the financial sector. The Bankers Association of Namibia, as a representative of all the commercial banks in Namibia and delegated by the Bank of Namibia,  initiated the National Payment Reform project, which was launched in 2001, whereby the Namibian commercial banks identified key objectives of this reform project to include the disconnection of inter-bank transactions from the South African National Payment System and to clear and settle them locally.

What kind of clients do you work with?

The Clearing of all domestic interbank transactions.

The Significance of the Automated Clearing House (ACH)

The significance of a local ACH is immense to the Namibian Banking Industry as it aids with the flawless processing, payment and clearing & the settlement of transactions via tangible systems that automate the process which further enhances the efficiencies of the financial sector, in particular the banks.

The Namibianisation of the National Payments System was undertaken to reduce various payment system risks and to increase the efficiency of the Namibian financial system.

Some of the key futures, but not limited are

  • To Enhance and maintain the safety and efficiency of the National Payments System (NPS) 100%
  • The interoperability and reduction of industry risk and complexity 100%
  • The Cost savings through the economies of scale 100%
  • The Cost-reducing consolidation of the infrastructure 100%
  • The Project facilitation between industry participants 100%
  • To ensure the Reduced Complexity and Risk, and produce robust standards 100%
  • Locally owned and operated 100%

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