Twenty years ago, our nation embarked on a pivotal journey, a journey of transformation and modernization that promised to redefine our financial landscape. The National Payment System Reform, launched in 2001, was a bold step into the future, a future where transactions would flow smoothly, safely, and efficiently across our growing economy.

Namclear has navigated a dynamic eco-payments landscape, evolving and adapting to the ever-changing business environment. Through perseverance, collaboration, and the dedication of our team, Namclear has established itself as a trusted Payment System Operator in the industry, providing exceptional services to our valued stakeholders.

Namclear is a locally owned and operated financial market infrastructure that facilitates the local clearing of interbank or interoperable transactions between the National Payment System participants of which transactions include Electronic Fund Transfers (NAMPAY) and Card Payments (NAMSWICTCH), as well as settlement with the Bank of Namibia.

Namclear has managed to successfully reduce systemic risk and improve the reliability and efficiency of the settlement process in our financial system. By facilitating near real-time transfers and providing a secure platform for electronic transactions, Namclear has not only kept pace with global trends but has also ensured that Namibia remains at the cutting edge of financial technology.

Key Takeaways – Speeches

“NAMCLEAR’s journey is a testament to the commitment of Namibia’s financial sector to self-reliance and independence in managing its financial sector. With NAMCLEAR at the helm of providing an interbank environment, we are poised to continue our path toward a secure, efficient, and globally competitive National Payment System that benefits all our stakeholders, aligned with our National Payment System Vision and Strategy for 2025”. – Deputy Governor, Bank of Namibia